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what is new?

17/01/19SAFETY page added and a range of safety information uploaded
17/01/19Range of sailing infomration added to SAILING BASICS
17/01/19COMMUNICATIONS section added and a range of infomration added
17/01/19TUNING page added and a range of tuning guides
17/01/19Broken links repaired accross the website.
10/10/18Turks Head [CSK019] added to ROPEWORK
10/10/18CSO019 Admiral Home Popham Telegraph signal book Final edition added to new page SEA CADET OTHER
10/10/18Tall Ships Guide [CSS001] added to a new page SAILING INFO
26/09/18SAFETY BOAT page added and populated as part of the POWERBOAT page
26/09/18VHF page added and inital documents populated
06/08/18SEA CADET OTHER BOATING page added and RYA Seamanship and Day Saiing course information and training materials added
22/07/18SAILING BASICS updated for capsize recover [CSS017]

SAILING BASICS updated and restructured - more information to come

16/05/18SEA CADET JUNIOR updated for a number of programme ideas and additional information (Compass [G04], Tin Can Cooking [G10], Water Safety [B01].
16/05/18SEA CADET SEAMANSHIP page added, Sea Cadet knot book added to ROPEWORK
12/05/18GRAPHICS page added, initial files uploaded
12/05/18SAIING BASICS page added, initial files uploaded
12/05/18ROPEWORK page added, initial files uploaded
12/05/18COACHING page added, initial files uploaded
12/05/18Amended Site Structure to put all SEA CADET TRAINING under one heading.  Generic information included on SEA CADET TRAINING page
12/05/18Populated ENVIRONMENT page with additional documents, page completed
12/05/18Corrected links on SEA CADET, NAVIGATION, TIDES
04/05/18Site under construction and initial Sea Cadet information added